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 Our Mission        

Founded in 2014, Cinema Ed is a 501(c)3 non-profit film and media organization that focuses on using independent film as a teaching tool. Our programs include hands-on filmmaking experiences that connect professional filmmakers with high school students and teachers. Although we place special emphasis on at-risk populations, we work with all students to harness the storytelling power of today’s technologies and engage in filmmaking techniques and methods. Cinema Ed also powers a broad platform for visibility of student films and strives to promote exploration of careers in the film industry. We celebrate the unique vision and authentic stories told by today’s diverse group of young filmmakers.


  Our Method       

Cinema Ed offers a unique approach to engage students and immerse them in the independent filmmaking process.  Our methodology remains flexible as we design guided educational experiences that enhance filmmaking and storytelling skills. By teaching students how to mine their curriculum, and craft their own independent film, or to work on a specific independent film project with professional filmmakers, Cinema Ed helps provide connections to ALL subjects in a student's curriculum.

 Tell Your Own Story 

  Students Create Their Own Films  

The world is full of stories.  They are what connect us and what inspire us. Today, with non-stop access to digital content through constantly changing devices and software, high school students are connected to the world of story in an unprecedented way. Cinema Ed's basic program is designed to teach every student how they can best utilize the power of story that each of them holds in their hands.  By making their own films with the tools at hand, and with the support provided by Cinema Ed mentors, students will create their very own films and tell their own stories.

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