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Young Filmmakers Track

Honorable Mentions:  A Hard Day, by: Edmond Toussaint, Dear Diary, by: Danielle Cipriano and Daniella Giordano, Fatal Frame, by: Matthew Finkelstein, Fauxtune Teller, by: Rachael Shklyarov, Dennis Shteyn and Cassidy Young, Misery Loves Company, by: Liam Dillon, Pluto Man, by: Alexa Metro, Projection, by: Zoe Crutcher,, by: Michael Greenman and Class, The Factory, by: Jacob Correa, The Kite, by: Juliet Vandusen, The Test, by: Adam Krakower, Time Undone, by: Deven Bender, Yours Truly, Lilith by: Deven Bender

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