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 In-Class Programs 

Designed to fit each school and student population ...

Cinema Ed consults with each school to determine the most effective mix of classes that will best help the students, teachers and administrators achieve their goals.  Offering a single class is sometimes the best way to begin, and we will help you decide what works best for your school.  Whether it is through an after school program or a class that happens during the day, Cinema Ed’s main focus is to engage students through independent filmmaking and to help them enhance their current curriculum as well as train them for possible careers in the film industry. 



Before any actor is cast, any crew is hired, any locations are scouted, any camera is positioned, there must be one basic ingredient:  the screenplay.  Without the story, the characters, the setting, the plot and most importantly, the creative imagination of the writer, an independent film is simply a hodge podge of images and ideas.  Cinema Ed’s first focus is to teach students the art of crafting a story and writing a screenplay. It is the first step to giving those images and ideas the best vehicle possible to express what lies in each student’s imagination.  By studying the structure of screenplays, and by writing their own script, students will enhance their own language arts writing and analysis skills, as well as learn a valuable film industry skill.


The making of a high quality film involves extensive planning and preparation.  In our Pre-Production class, students gain understanding of the key elements professional filmmakers utilize to bring their story and vision to the screen. For example, the screenplay must be "broken down" so that a budget and production schedule can be developed.  A business plan is also integral to the making of the film, as well as casting of actors and the all important crew and support staff.  These are but a few of the items that go into planning of an independent film, and high school students who learn these skills early on will be able to apply them not only to their other classes but to future job opportunities.

Film Shooting

This is where the rubber hits the road, and students quickly develop a clear vision of what it takes to actually point a camera at actors or a landscape or, in the case of documentaries, at real people answering real questions in real time.  Our Film Shoot module places students on the set, working with a professional film crew, and also puts the ability to write, direct and shoot a film directly into the student's hands, by showing them how to utilize storytelling and filmmaking tools that are right at their fingertips.


Once all the footage is shot, all the actors have given their Oscar-worthy performances and all the equipment is stored away for the next shoot, one of the most important phases of creating an independent film takes place:  post-production.  A key player in this module is the Editor.  Many film directors like to edit their own films while others prefer to give the footage to someone who is trained in quickly digesting and cutting hours of footage. Students in our Post-Production module will take part in the actual editing process of a professional independent film editor, and will also develop editing skills to enable them to edit their own stories.

Marketing and Social Media

OK, you've got a finished film.  Hooray!  Now what?  How can you get people to see your work, to take the time to watch this story in which you've invested so much time and effort?  The good news is that the world of film marketing has changed drastically over the past decade, enabling anyone with an iPhone to create a social media platform to launch their project.  In our Marketing and Social Media module, students will learn how to utilize all their social media apps to launch and communicate their storytelling abilities way beyond instagramming and snap-chatting. Students will realize the creative potential that lies in each one of them to communicate with the world in a new, cohesive way that involves ALL their classes and curriculum. 

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