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2024 docfilmboot winners!

SIX TEAMS, SIX DOCUMENTARIES, SIX WEEKS! We challenged Orange High School film students to write, produce, shoot and edit six documentaries with the help of Cinema Ed mentors and Drew University students from Prof. Jeremy Blatter's Civic Media class. And they did it! Thank you to Drew University and Orange School District for making this year's DocFilmBoot a complete success! The films were presented at a Red Carpet Screening at Cinema Lab's The Village at SOPAC Theaters on March 25, 2024. Thank you also to Luke Parker Bowles and the Cinema Lab team for providing the space for these students and the community to see these documentaries on the big screen. Much appreciation to our industry judges, who also generously gave their time to watch and judge these films. The voting was very close - each film received at least one first or second place vote! Below are the final results. Enjoy!!

The Nail Tech Lifestyle - Grand Jury Prize Winner.jpg
School Struggles - Runner Up.jpg
Childhood Dayz - Finalist Film.jpg
What Makes Music So Great - Finalist Film.jpg
Video Games Today - Finalist Film.jpg

GRAND JURY PRIZE FILM:  The Nail Tech LIfestyle
Student Filmmakers: Micayla Williams, Sarena Hargrove, Asly Barahona, Kareena Ali, Giovanni Carmona

THEME:  A look at the Nail Tech industry and the people who enjoy it.

RUNNER-UP FILM:  School Struggles

Student Filmmakers: Joshua Way, Julien Augustin, Federico Vargas, Jevon Williams, David Champagne

THEME: What challenges and struggles do high school students encounter?

FINALIST FILM:  Childhood Dayz

Student Filmmakers: Kayla Johnson, John Carlos Seide Fabian, Quaniyah McBean, Sama’je Green

THEME: How has your childhood made you the person you are today?

FINALIST FILM:  What Makes Music So Great?

Student Filmmakers: Alan Giles, Judith Monroy, Majid Welch, Angely Chang

THEME: What is it that makes music so important in our lives?

FINALIST FILM:  Video Games Today

Student Filmmakers: Doris Calle, Jordan Perdomo Munoz, Elmer Cortez, Walter Alvarez Tenecela

THEME:  How have video games a􀀁ected your life and your future?

This Generations Music Impact.jpg

FINALIST FILM:  This Generation's Music Impact

Student Filmmakers: Neah Flowers, Ronald Taveras Reyes, Salena Vega Chimborazo, Kayandra Barnes, Paula Paucar, Karen Eufragio, Nathaly Morocho, Marc Decade

THEME: How has music shaped this generation and generations to come?

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